In a familiar world, Villevi, a disillusioned teenager who wants to naively sow destruction on humankind summons two demons from hell. They don't really take him seriously but instead accidentally put into motion events, that will lead to the uncovering of a vast cosmic conspiracy that reaches from the lowest depths of hell to the highest echelons of heaven. Villevi and everyone around him will have to cope with living as they are thrust into the flip-side of normal society where supernatural mystery, reality-bending powers and esoteric cliques have always worked just below the surface.

This is the terrible tale of hell... and the shit within.

Comic might contain situations and subject matter that offend, disgust, or otherwise cause anxiety in people...



So I studied comics in Liminka School o' Farts
by taikina
for two years and now I live and work here? I did a bunch of stuff and assignments and started a bunch of projects but now I'm going to continue this one, more or less. No need to expect a consistent update schedule XD
Tumblr, deactivate!
by taikina
by taikina
Tumblr, activativate!
by taikina

I have made a Tumblr!

No new page for a while
by taikina

I'm drawing a few pages ahead now, because the next page will be a short animation so it will take some time to make. It's way shorter and simpler than those previous few animated pages, so it wont take months to complete. But still: no new page for a while.

I'll keep you updated.